Dsm laser Awd 15psi 16g 10-80mph pull old vid

Awd laser 10-80mph pull, going hard 1st gear after 4k and granny shifting to 3rd on wet back roads. (at the time only on 15psi evo3, + supporting mods, old vid )

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Drews 1g of Darkside performance prt2
4in Exhaust, bc280s, fully built, no Intercooler, dual fuel rail/injector setup, 35r, and whatever else he's got... Note** The car is not doing real pulls here, he cant go more than like 40 percent throttle until we put it back on Alcohol...

AWD laser, 16g, 20psi, pull 35-125mph
AWD laser, 16g, 20psi, was still tuning stock block 6bolt w/ 272 cams. was still tuning -

DSM Aluminum rod race motor first start up
First start up of my R&R/Wiseco HD race motor. Tuning the setup tomorrow and hitting the track later this week.

evo 3 16g dsm eclipse vs stage 2 cobalt ss
dsm wins!