Audi S4 road racing at Lime Rock Park, in car footage (stock tuning)

2002 Audi S4 6-speed driving at Lime Rock Park in CT with the Audi Club. Camera mounted to passenger side headrest This session mods: Stock ECU programming with 1.5 degrees advanced timing (Lemmiwinks) SSAC cat-back Vast Water/Methanol injection ST Coilovers (made by KW) Vast Stage 3 clutch Hawk HP Plus brake pads with Motul 600 brake fluid Sumitomo HTR Z III tires Video camera - Contour HD at 1080 resolution, mounted by drivers side fog light

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Lime Rock Park, Audi RS4, Loose Nut Motorsports, 10/24/14
Me and a friend hitting Lime Rock Park with Loose Nut Motorsports. Got a tad frustrated with the traffic and lack of point bys. All in all not a bad day.

Lime Rock Video Track Map with Sam Posey
Lime Rock offers drivers challenges they don't face at other tracks. Often referred to as "The Bull Ring," it is arduous, difficult and above all rewards those who take risks. Many corners are so fast that they can be taken almost flat, but not quite, leaving drivers to gamble with their right foot as much as they dare. Listen in as Sam Posey takes us around the track, explaining some of the gentle nuances to achieving a fast lap.

Close Call at Lime Rock Park 05-30-2013
Having a nice morning lapping with SCDA at Lime Rock, minding my own business, when things get a little tricky.., about two and a half minutes in,keep your eyes on the little green car two cars ahead of me, especially when it goes into the uphill right-hander.

Stock Camaro at Lime Rock Park HPDE Advanced Group
13 September 2016 with SCDA Advanced Group. 2013 Chevy Camaro SS 1LE (not a z28) ran my personal best in session one, :59.918 Stock suspension and motor. only aftermarket parts are brake pads and headers other then the safety equipment you see in the car.