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The second part of our long-awaited showdown between the 2010 Mustang and 2010 Camaro continues with the Camaro SS. The guys drop the hammer on a great road under ominous skies. And they wrap up both cars with an argument! More Reviews at

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Camaro is King! Mustang vs Challenger vs Camaro
We pit the much-anticipated Chevy Camaro SS against its strongest competition: the Ford Mustang GT and the Dodge Challenger R/T. Join as we head to the hills east of San Diego to find out which one we liked best. Shot By: Jim Gleason & Mike Suggett Edited By: Jim Gleason & Mike Suggett UPDATE: Since the question of price seems to be coming up a lot in the comments, here are the confirmed prices for all 3 cars (base price / as tested)... Camaro SS: $30,995 / $31,490 Challenger R/T: $30,945 / $38,270 Mustang GT: $28,845 / $34,330

How to Daily Driver A Camaro? | Daily Driver Camaro RS Update
Hello Everyone, How is a Camaro in the winter? You may ask yourself.. Well I did a video on daily driving my Camaro. I wanted to give you guys a update on how it is to daily drive in a Camaro. My Camaro is a 2012 Chevy Camaro RS 1LT. I do love this car but no car is perfect. I go over the visibility, back seats, trunk space, winter driving, radio, looks, and other things you would need to know if you are considering driving a Camaro as a daily driver. I’m not looking forward to the winter months… driving the Camaro in the snow and ice. Subscribe Here: ♪ Song is Royalty Free and can be used by any YouTube user in their monetized content. You must place in the description of your video these information: Indigo - Hope --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Download: ♪ To download you need to register! Registration is free. ♪ Support musician: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- ♫ VFX done by: ♫ Credits for picture: sifter --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS manual - Drive Time Review
Drive Time review of the all-new 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS manual transmission by auto critic Steve Hammes

My Daily Driver Camaro SS
2011 Chevy Camaro SS LS3 6spd 420rwhp 412tq What's up guys! In this vid I'm gonna be talking about my 11 Camaro SS and mods I did. I know that there are other Camaro vids but this is my page, my car, so I'm gonna talk my shit!!!!! MODS: Intake (Ebay) Muffler Delete LT Headers (Speed Engineering) Dyno Tune (Race Proven Motorsport) HP Tuners *rear O2's deleted, no check engine light g-2010-Camaro-longtube-headers-1-7-8-sta inless.html Heat-Shield-Black-Pipe-/272324336144?hash=item3f67cb9a10:g:o1YAAOSw3xJXoMTv &vxp=mtr