Toyota Aurion Vs Xr6 Turbo drag race

1/4 Mile, stock XR6T (270kw/360hp) vs Stock Toyota Aurion Sportivo SX6 (200kw/268hp) 100hp difference it's obvious how the race was going to end. Went for fun.

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Toyota Aurion vs Ford Falcon XR6 BF [1/4 Mile Drag Race]
The Toyota Aurion is completely stock, 3.5L N/A V6 200kw. The Aurion managed to get a 14.4 on this run, but the best run the Aurion could get that day was a 14.1 (link to the timeslip below.) The XR6 ran a 16.1 Credit to DJKOR

Turbo Aurion. Part 2
Haven't Uploaded a Vid in ages, this should make up for it

HSV Maloo R8 Vs Aurion 1/4 Mile
My Toyota Aurion Sportivo up against a Holden Maloo R8 at Calder Park raceway on March 4 2011... It's not a surprise to see who won this race, Aurion Sportivo@200kw and the Maloo R8@unknown kw... 317kw stock but it was modified, unsure of the extent of the modifications though

Toyota Aurion SX6 VS Holden HSV Clubsport drag race
My Toyota Aurion SX6 family car up against a HSV VY Clubsport at Calder Park raceway Quarter Mile. Toyota Aurion is stock with only a muffler delete which was replaced with 3.5" straight pipes after the resonator. And a pine tree air freshener.