Toyota Aurion Vs Xr6 Turbo drag race

1/4 Mile, stock XR6T (270kw/360hp) vs Stock Toyota Aurion Sportivo SX6 (200kw/268hp) 100hp difference it's obvious how the race was going to end. Went for fun.

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HSV Maloo R8 Vs Aurion 1/4 Mile
My Toyota Aurion Sportivo up against a Holden Maloo R8 at Calder Park raceway on March 4 2011... It's not a surprise to see who won this race, Aurion Sportivo@200kw and the Maloo R8@unknown kw... 317kw stock but it was modified, unsure of the extent of the modifications though

Turbo Aurion. Part 2
Haven't Uploaded a Vid in ages, this should make up for it

Toyota Aurion SX6 VS Holden HSV Clubsport drag race
My Toyota Aurion SX6 family car up against a HSV VY Clubsport at Calder Park raceway Quarter Mile. Toyota Aurion is stock with only a muffler delete which was replaced with 3.5" straight pipes after the resonator. And a pine tree air freshener.

Toyota Aurion Vs Holden VY Clubsport
My Aurion against another VY Clubsport, different car from the other video against a Clubsport, ruined the start with axle tramping and this was my slowest run of that particular race day, best was a 14.41, unknown modifications on the Clubsport, Aurion is completely stock apart from muffler delete with straight pipes