04 Mach 1 vs SRT4 Kilkare Speedway

Exhaust, shifter, stock tune, 95 degrees out

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Bolt on SRT4 vs 04 Mach 1
NOT ME OR MY CAR.... http://www.wyldfantasies.com

04 Mach 1 vs 02 Saleen mustang
Blown Saleen on street tires with heat soak, Mach 1 full Exhaust, shifter, stock tune.

Streets June 27th 2015
Today was a good day * In my Ice Cube voice. The featured races were: Sc 2015 Mustang Vs BMW 335i Coupe 2012 Mustang 5.0 Vs BMW 335i Coupe Cobalt SS Vs SVT Lightning 2012 5.0 Vs SC 2015 5.0 Whipple'd Cobra Vs SC/N2O Mach 1 SC/N2O Mach 1 Vs turbo Cutlass Built C5 Vette Vs SC 2015 5.0 Whipple'd Cobra Vs ProCharged Mach 1 2013 5.0 Vs Whipple'd Cobra SC 2015 5.0 Vs Whipple'd Cobra 2015 5.0 Vs Procharged Mach 1 SRT8 300 Vs LS6 WS6 Factory 5 AC Cobra Test Hit

crazy fast DSM vs sick Fox body Mustang @ Kilkare
http://www.wyldfantasies.com crazy fast DSM vs sick fox body Mustang