mazda mx6 mystere 1993 new video Matane

sound track FINE by blindnine Sound system Alpine kit 2 condensatot First Stringer 1 farad second American legacy 2.4 farad, insonorisation Dynamat, Lowering spring, Mag 17 inch low profile, silicon hose, Optimal battery, New front and rear light, New wiring stinger.

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Mazda mx6 v6 2.5

mazda mx6
el proceso de restauracion i modificacion de mi mazda falta un buen tramo pero poko a poko

93 MX6 V6 Turbo on 10psi Megasquirt pulling hard
Emilio's turbo 2.5L KL MX6 street tuning with Megasqirt II V3 stand alone ECU, runs really well and quite fast on 23 degrees of timing @ 170kpa(10 PSI). We're estimating 300whp , car pulls very hard. Not gonna lie its scares me when I drove it earlier on dry roads.

Turbo Mazda MX-6 vs S/C Corvette C5 vs Turbo Civic
Oct 6, 2013 Rockingham NC Dragway, Phantasm, 1/4 Mile