EK4 Sedan B16B 1800cc stroker kit 9000rpm!

My mildly modded EK4 sedan with B16B type r on road tuning with apexi neo. Bad traction from normal tires. Engine Spec: Spoon sports obd2a ecu B16b Type R head and cam B16b block with B18cr 1800cc stroker kit B16b Piston B18cr intake manifold B18cr 4-1 Exhaust manifold 2.5" stainless steel straight pipe with RSR GT2 muffler EK9 S4C 4.4 fd tranny EK9 stock clutch set with toda light flywheel Tuned by TPS AUTOMOTIVE ENHANCE CENTER This car is for sale now! http://www.mudah.my/vi/17954936.htm

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Turbo H22 Build #MurderCivic
Here's my old set up from the last 2 years till now. Car had a 100% Stock head, built bottom end, 62/66 precision turbo, e85, Stock h22 LSD transmission. Car was only tuned up to 23psi. Couldn't go any further due to issues with the stock head. When pulling the head off I discovered a small crack in the block. Car now has a fully built & sleeved block done by RS machines, Fully Built head with cams, valves, springs, retainers and a lot more mods. Stay tuned for the new build process. Just waiting on my twin disk clutch and I can drop the motor in. Also installed a whole new fuel system. For videos of me racing in between the Dyno and issues with the motor watch the rest of my videos on my channel labeled #MurderCivic. Subscribe, Like, Share for more videos to come.

1998 Honda Civic Type R Hatch, B16B DOHC V-TEC, 200HP, 5 speed manual, Red Recaro Type R interior
Parts Supplier: http://WWW.NAPOLPERFORMANCE.COM JDM Vehicle Sales: http://WWW.TYEEIMPORTS.COM 1998 Honda Civic Type R Hatch, B16B DOHC V-TEC, 200HP, 5 speed manual, Red Recaro Type R interior, White Type-R wheels, skunk 2 lower control arms, blox bushings and end links, new sway bars, skunk2 s2 coilovers, A/M plugs / wires recently replaced, k tuned alloy shifter, Potenza tires, A/M intake, Upgraded Exhaust system, 144k, CD head unit, Aftermarket steering wheel, TypeR strut bar, Many extras.

Honda Civic B16B Vtec On Loud
Light tuned & modify (recorded by mobile phone)

B16B ベンチエンジン カム切り替え VTEC作動
広島市立広島工業高校自動車部で製作したB16Bベン チエンジンです。 いろいろと工夫してVTEC切り替えコントローラーを 作りました。丸いボタンが切り替えスイッチです。ボタ ンを押すと高速カムに切り替わり赤いランプが点灯しま す。 低速カムと高速カムの音の違いを聞き比べて下さい。