RC Drag Racing (Nitro Rail)

From 2009 Australian National RC Drag Racing Titles

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132ft RC Drag Racing Test&Tuning

big fun
rc pulling

RC StreetOutlaws 252 ,Nitro/Brushless ,Drag Racing 132ft racing in these streets...
Nitro ,Electric Drag racing no prep./Grudge,heads up ,132ft timing system.traxxas,castle ,jayco, rpm, rustler, slash. bandit , jato. FREEDOM RACING RC.

Slash 4x4 Water Action
To answer some of the questions in the comments: ***The Traxxas Slash is waterproof*** 1) This was taken at Pipal Park in Omaha, Nebraska. 2) I am driving my Traxxas Slash VXL 4x4 1/10 scale short course truck. 3) This is a water fountain that had recently been shut off for winter. Not a public urinal. 4) No, this is not a real truck. 5) Yes it is battery powered. At the time I was running 8.4 volt NiMh battery but have since changed to a 7.4 volt LiPo which can be seen in my later videos.