2009 GMC Canyon v8 - SLP exhaust w/ Dynomax Super Turbo Muffler

Part# 17769 http://www.summitracing.com/parts/WLK-17769/

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67 GTO 3" exhaust w/ Dynomax Super Turbo mufflers
Test run of the new 3" Exhaust kit on my Goat. If anyone is interested, the set up here is a '73 SD 455 bored .60 over, .502 lift cam, factory 400 heads, an air gap style intake, Holley 600 cfm marine double pumper carb, headers, and Dynomax Super turbo mufflers.

SLP Performance 2009 Colorado/Canyon PowerFlo Exhaust
SLP Performance Parts 2009 Colorado/Canyon PowerFlo Cat-Back Exhaust for 5.3L. SLP # 31130 For more information: www.slponline.com

2005 GMC canyon exhaust flowmaster cat-back
2005 GMC canyon 3.5L low milage . Great mid-size trucks ready to start any project...whether it is to race or to lift and go off road. This particular one has stock engine with cat back flowmaster 40. I'ved raced stock toyota tundras, tacomas, and the V8 dodge rams with "HEMI" engines...and its no match for these canyon trucks...they've got a great take off and great gas milage...Can't ask for more!!!

2014 GMC Sierra Z/71 1500 Custom True Dual w/Flo~Pro Muffler by Kinney's
Another beautiful custom Exhaust system from America's Hottest custom Exhaust center - Kinney's! We continue to raise the bar with the most progressive and creative performance Exhaust systems anywhere. Generous power with fuel savings along with a unique, distinctive sound and appearence are all yours at Kinney's. This complete true dual system will generate close to 17 horsepower while providing noticable fuel gains. NO resonation, NO drone is recognized inside the cab all while having a rich and clean sound outside of the truck. At the heart of this dynamic true dual is the heavy duty Flo~Pro crossflow performance muffler. This fantastic dual in and dual out muffler allows for both inbound Exhaust streams to equalize and balance internally to provide a perfect Exhaust tune. This tuned effect is a perfect method to provide optimal power and torque. It is no longer necessary to have a bulky "H" or "X" pipe with two mufflers laying on their sides scenario that also reduces ground clearance. The Flo~Pro muffler rest noticably higher providing more ground clearance than the original muffler did! This all said we finished off this remarkable dual system with a beautiful set of custom quad stainless steel 3.5 inch tips. The finished look is indeed special and befitting to this classy truck. Kinney's custom systems are not available anywhere online or in speed shops and we do not ship our unique performance systems either. The only way to get Kinney's awesome true dual is to visit Kinney's Muffler Shop so call and schedule your vehicle today! Be sure to see and hear the other 2014 to current GM trucks with Flowmaster and Magnaflow True dual systems on our website as well! Kinney's is the only Exhaust center in the country where you can see it and hear it BEFORE you buy it. Check us out at www.kinneysmufflershop.com for more details. Be sure to follow us on facebook to get our latest promotions and recent project completion photos. Doing performance Exhaust the right way since 1978.