Timing belt failure..Bad result.!

Toyoya diesel...broken cam belt.

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What happens when a timing belt breaks
A car comes in with a broken timing belt, well it was gone, valves struck the pistons and bent them, not good

Timing Belt - the Forgotten Belt (by Dayco)
Timing Belt - the Forgotten Belt. This video stresses the importance of checking and following the manufacturers recommended replacement interval for the timing belt. Along with recommendations to replace the "hardware" associated with the Timing Belt (Tensioner, Water Pump, and Idler Pulleys) at the same time the Timing Belt is being replaced. To find out more information on our Timing Belt, Timing Belt Kit, Water Pump Kit, and Timing Component Kit, visit www.daycoproducts.com

My Timing Belt Broke - Now What?
My Timing Belt Broke - Now What?

How to check for bent valves after timing belt failure
Properly diagnosis of bent valves after timing belt failure. Dodge neon 2.0 sohc