Street/strip 632ci Chevelle drag racing 9.40 @ 145mph

Foot brake launch test n tune

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9 Second Chevelle
Joliet Test and Tune 09-29-07

1969 camaro with 632 Nitrous engine.
1969 Camaro with a 632 Nitrous engine. Went 8.13 at 173 this run, I think, don't quote me, but that was just a 250 shot of Nitrous that run. Was about 40 degrees out when he made this run at 8:30 pm.

Street legal Chevelle test n tune 9.44 @ 145mph
Cold day, cold track on drag radials = hard to get traction. Burned out across the line to lay some fresh rubber down. Couldn't use t-brake cuz it would just blow the tires off. Best of 9.38 that day.

572 big block Chevelle drag race
My 72' Chevelle at the track having fun!