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French Foreign Legion FIGHTING & TRAINING [English sub documentary]
The Legion's basic training course in the midst of a brutal winter. English, spanish and french subtiles

Worst-Case Scenario - Being Chased
Worst-Case Scenario - Being Chased from 2010

Bear Grylls Teaching Self Defence - The Jonathan Ross Show
Jonathan wants to learn how he can protect himself with a knife attack, Bear Grylls shows the best way to tackle the knifemen down. Subscribe to The Jonathan Ross Show YouTube channel for weekly videos and the best bits from the show - Follow the show on Twitter: Like the show on Facebook:

Bear Grylls Training with Naval Reservists
Bear Grylls at HMS President during the ‘Hero’ workout held on Tuesday 10 Mar 15 and will take the form of a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) bodyweight workout. A contingent from the RMR London had been invited to join in the event, to add an element of competition between the Services.