Ford Falcon Coyote V8 FPV spied testing in traffic - has spied Ford's all new 5.0 litre Coyote V8 testing in traffic. The latest engine in the lineup will debut in July, 2010 and will include a facelift for the FPV range. The engine note and new four Exhaust pipe layout will ensure a transformed FPV for the Australian punters. Check out the story and spy pictures at

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2016 Toyota Prius i-Tech Review rce=YouTube&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=YT_DESC - Read the article here. The all-new, fourth-generation Toyota Prius is clearly, well, polarising to look at, but fact of the matter is that the new model is actually quite impressive. What makes it so impressive? Well, this time – or more correctly, for the first time ever – the Prius is actually a bit of fun to drive. Toyota’s chief, Akio Toyoda, has made it a priority for the brand to create cars that get your blood pumping, get you excited when you’re behind the wheel. The new Prius is much more responsive to drive. The steering is quicker to react, the suspension is a bit firmer and that means it feels more connected to the road and it also corners with more precision. But it’s still a Prius that means that the drivetrain is a petrol-electric hybrid system which, in this generation, has seen some improvements to efficiencies that means it claims fuel use of just 3.4 litres per 100km. And probably the best thing about the Prius is that you can drive it pretty maliciously, and it won’t use much more than 6L/100km. We saw closer to 5L/100km on test, and it copped a hiding. Check for more on the Toyota Prius. "car advice" car "car review" "car comparisons" "new car review" "car reviews" australia ------------------------------------------------------------- is focused on getting people into the right car for them. We understand the different needs buyers face when making the decision to purchase a car, and our comprehensive reviews aim to help you make the right decision. Our videos and articles are created by expert and unbiased journalists who are passionate about their work. We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and encourage discussion. Don’t hesitate to ask us a question about a car and we will try to guide you to the right car for you. Subscribe to CarAdvice for the latest reviews, road tests, comparisons, news and opinions in the automotive world. SUBSCRIBE HERE CONNECT WITH US — — —

600HP 6-Speed TURBO Ford Falcon!
SPOOLING, SHIFTING, BRAKE BoostING... An unsuspecting 1960's Ford Falcon rolled into the parking lot in Missouri during the Missouri FBody Meet, it wasn't until we saw under the hood that we realized why there was a giant crowd around this car. A turbo V8 with a T56 6-Speed Manual, powered by a 351 Windsor and S475 turbo. This car is badass to see rowing through the gears, spooling and pulling on people on the top end! Not too bad for a big lead sled from the 60's! FPV F6 APS Stage 3 install Vid2
The boys down at Hi-Torque Performance Dandenong show us what it takes to install an APS stage 3 kit to a BF FPV F6 Typhoon. Visit or give Duane a call on 0404 021 641

Manta Exhausts on FPV GT Falcon 5.0L Coyote V8 Supercharged
Footage of the following Manta Exhaust systems on the Ford/FPV 5.0L V8 Supercharged Falcon: - Twin 2.5" cat-back System on the black FPV GS, with x-pipe, centre hotdogs, rear mufflers - Twin 3" full system on the black FPV GT, with x-pipe, centre muffler, and rear mufflers - Twin 3" catback system on the blue FPV GT, with x-pipe, centre hotdogs, and rear mufflers - Twin 3" full system on the white FPV GT Rspec, with x-pipe, centre hotdogs, and rear mufflers, with ceramic coated matt-black tips