Dragway42 ZL1000

Left Lane Yamaha Parallel twin?? and the right lane the ZL1000 owned by Mark Terranova "zlMark" founder of the Kawasaki ZL Owners Association www.zl-oa.com

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Dragway42 ZL900 vs ZL1000 3.wmv
7/11/10 ZL-OA members Mark Terranova left lane vs Dale Lutz in the right lane

Kawasaki ZL 900 1000 silencieux exhausts custom mufflers
Silencieux fabriqués en France pour le ZL 900/1000. French custom made mufflers for the zl 900/1000.

Dragway42 ZRX1200 vs ZL1000.wmv
7/11/10 ZL-OA members Greg Couch left lane vs Dale Lutz in the right lane

Dragway42 ZL1000 vs ZL1000
Left lane Dale Lutz AKA "Gremlin" and right lane Mark Terranova AKA "zlMark" from the Kawasaki Zl Owners Association www.zl-oa.com