Hotdogs Evo X FP Black 527hp in car pulls

While in Mexico we took some videos of the car. More info on it you can find it here

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fp black, stock block
Cody's stock block, fp black, making 508 awhp (world record for the stock block).. my camera didnt want to play nicely in the beginning but good thing matt didnt make it a full pull just yet.

Fp black evo vs nissan GT R
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

DG Motors 670whp Evo X Street Pulls
We just finished installing our prototype Ets 3.5" Maf Housing and street tuning the entire setup to get it prepared for phase 2 of tuning on the Dyno! DG Motors Evo X is almost ready to crack 800whp

Evo X fp black 35psi buschur 2.0l meth 540whp dyno pulls
Evo X GSR with a built buschur 2.0l short black, built head, FP black turbo at 35psi with meth injection making 540whp. The car has run deep into the 11's full weight, stock trans/rear/gearing on 19" street tires.