Mustang 302 break in part 3

Motor: V8 Ford 302ci small block (windsor family) Bore: 4.030" (.030 overbore) Stroke: 3.000" Deck height: 8.229" Crankshaft: Mains .010" oversize; Rods .020"oversize Rods: Stock Crankshaft Bearings: Clevite Pistones: Clevite .030" oversize, 9.5:1 compresion Anillos: Sealed Power .030" oversize. Camshaft: Engine Tech RV Timing Chain: Engine Tech Heads: Stock, Valvulas de admision (federal mogul), Valvulas de Escape (Federal Mogul), Guias K-line, Resortes nuevos. Se cepillaron las culatas solo para limpiar, sandblasteadas con bicarbonato, fresado de asientos, instalacion de guias de bronce, asentado de valvulas. Manifold de admision: Edelbrock Torker II Carburador: Edelbrock (carter AFB) Distribuidor: Stock electronico.

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Starting A Ford 302 V8 Engine Second Attempt
After charging the battery and connecting the fuel pump to a gas can instead of the 3 foot long gravity fed IV the beast came to life. I did not want to run it for too long because although I poored water into the intake manifold, the block, and filled the radiator I did not have a belt to drive the water pump. Upgrade to Flash Player 10 for improved playback perfomance. Upgrade Now or More Info. close 0 views 0 views muszyngr | August 05, 2010 The lighting is crappy so is the sound, but after nearly six months of puttin... muszyngr | August 05, 2010 The lighting is crappy so is the sound, but after nearly six months of putting this engine back together I couldn't wait to start it. Although all it does here is turn over, it still was a good sign. I was so excited I forgot to connect the distributor vacuum advance, and the battery needed a charge.

Ford Mustang 302 Engine rebuild break In
My Ford Mustang Mach 1 engine rebuild project, First start and break in process and reving

Ford 302 rebuild inspection after break in
BuildSheet Pro - Ford 302 rebuild. this is the valve train inspection after the camshaft break in

Motor Ford 302 V8 - Distribuidor Eletrônico HEI (VENDO)
Vendo KIT Distribuidor HEI + Cabos de Vela novos/sem uso. Não vendo o motor!