Turbosmart Boost Tee Installation Tutorial

The turbosmart Boost Tee Gated Boost Controller is one of the best dollar for horsepower upgrades that you can make to your turbocharged petrol or diesel engine vehicle. Watch as we demonstrate how to install the turbosmart Boost Tee on our Mitsubishi EVO.

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This video covers how to install a manual Boost controller on a internal actuator and bench testing spring pressures using a simple bicycle pump.

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Install a $10 Boost controller, what could go wrong? It's the scandi flick's time to shine. Our $250 Saab 93 turbo is on the chopping block again. We'll see if she survives this how to void your warranty episode of tireside.

TurboSmart Boost Tee Installed
So I installed the Boost Tee BEFORE I found out that the Holset HX40 Super turbo ships with a factory setting of 40 PSI! I cannot imagine opening up the tee until I get some different rods and head work.

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