85 Mercury Capri New Engine First Time Startup

Just finished building a 347 stroker for my Capri bracket car to replace the 351 Cleveland that I have been racing in several different configurations for the past 23 years. Just started it for a short time to set the timing and see if therre were any issues that needed immediate attention. The next day I did the obligatory 20 minute break in cycle at 2500 rpm and varying the rpms.

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1985 Mercury Capri RS / GS - Walk Around Video & Exhaust Sound Clip (Mustang 5.0)
(UPDATE: SOLD in August 2010) Here is a walk-around video of my 1985 Mercury Capri RS/GS with an F-303 camshaft, BBK long tube headers, BBK Off-Road X-pipe and 40 Series Delta Flow mufflers.

514 mercury capri VS 408 ford mustang
sabotage vs 408stang (hugo vs rodrigo)

20 rep Squat Workout Day 2
20 Rep Squats with 245 today. Felt very sluggish, probably due to working 12 hours per day all week, not conditions conducive to workout recovery. Also did a Chest and Shoulder specific workout. Incline dumbbell presses with my heaviest dumbbells which is only 65 pounds, I need to get some bigger ones. Also close grip benches, dips, kettlebell floor presses. Not shown are military presses and kettlebell iron crosses, I was up against the 10 minute video limit so they were not included.

20 Rep Squat Workout Day One
My variation of the 20 rep squat workout. This is the leg specific day. Romanian Deadlifts, Kettlebell Front Squats and a pretty pathetic set of Kettlebell Turkish Getups (Only My Second time for those)follow my one set of squats. The first day of 20 was with 240. My goal is to get up to 320 for 20 reps by the time I move on to another type of workout. By the way, the car in the background is my '85 Mercury Capri Bracket Race Drag Car.