2006 Triumph Speedmaster

In this video, Ken Davis, President and Founder of Advantage Certified Auto Group tells us about this 2006 Triumph Speedmaster!

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Triumph Speedmaster 2005 w/Flyscreen
Here I am in Chatham Square, Savannah, Ga. I love me a Harley and a Guzzi but who doesn't love a Thruxton or a Speedmaster? I think these are aftermarket pipes. A bit hard to handle the bars at really low speeds but hey, who cares. Also, if you plan on downshifting from third to second gear mid- turn in the rain for example; grab onto your seat because that rear end is gonna throw your grass over Hell's high acre. I have had the bike up to 100 mph once and it did not mind a bit. I ride it @65mph due to wind in the face. Pipes are Triumph TOR s. Specs: http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/triu/triumph_speedmaster%2003.htm

2015 Triumph Speedmaster test ride/review
so this video is of my ride on the 2015 Triumph Speedmaster and my opinions on the bike. Im not a massive cruiser kind of guy, but i did really enjoy riding this bike. I hope that you all enjoy watching... Have a good one.

2010 Triumph Thunderbird
In this video, Ken Davis, the owner and founder of Advantage Certified tells us about this 2010 Triumph Thunderbird!

Triumph Speedmaster Bobber
2005 triumph speedmaster bobber. All work was done in my garage. Powdercoated gas tank, custom made rear fender, removed air box. Modified pipes, aftermarket bars, recessed turn signals in bobbed frame. Podwercoated Exhaust, headlight, rear fender, and handlebars. Aftermarket seat. I'm sure there are other things but it's been awhile since I've done the work...