1978 Chevrolet G Van Shorty runs in the 9's drag racing


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1977 Chevrolet Van (400 Small Block) Drag Racing
This is my friends race van. It's a work it progress that hauls ass and a thrill to ride in. Should have some more performance upgrades and be all one color sometime next year.

Jarvis Performance 9-Second 1978 Chevy Van Compilation
9-Second Van!

Drag racing van
1985 Ford E350 with 460 taking a test pad a the beginning of the day, a couple troubles with the line lock at the burn out and starting line.

7/16/16 97 V8 LT1 Astro Van Drag Race 15.69 E.T. Albuquerque Dragway
1st Day At the track Second Best E.T. of the day 1st Win!!!