Fc rx7 racing beat exhaust n/a

my 1990 fc rx7 with a full race racing beat Exhaust

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S5 RX7 FC - Magnaflow mufflers and no cat
The title tells it all. Video doesn't do it justice. It's WAY loud. Use a presilencer!

RX7 GXL with Racing Beat Exhaust Start up and Rev

Racing Beat TII Exhaust RX-7
because there is a lack of sound clips for this sweet product. Rev TII full turbo-back on an 87 TII RX7 with hybrid turbo.

FC3S Exhaust - Racing Beat vs HKS
Racing Beat Rev II versus the HKS Silent Hi-Power Exhausts. The HKS is MUCH louder and more aggressive, especially since there is no cat or presilencer. Just the resonator and muffler. Filmed with a Hero 2 and External Mic on the License plate bracket.