V8 Super Tourer

Public unveiling of the all new COT V8 Super tourer, Auckland, February 16 2011

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John Mcintyre V8 SuperTourer First Drive
John gets behind the wheel at Hampton Downs for the first ever testing session, plus some commentary on the new car.

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V8 SuperTourer onboard Pukekohe - Andy Booth
Andy completes a few warm up laps in the V8 SuperTourer Prototype on a slightly damp Pukekohe Park Raceway before handing over to Craig Baird for his first experience behind the wheel of the 7 litre beast!

* HSV Maloo ute being driven by James May with Shane Jacobson * James May getting into passenger seat of the Maloo * James May talking with Jeremy Clarkson * James May speaking with Shane Jacobson * Craig Lowndes warming-up the TeamVodafone Holden Commodore V8 Supercar * Jeremy Clarkson in passenger's seat * Craig Lowndes driving Jeremy Clarkson in V8 Supercar * Driver swap * Jeremy Clarkson leaves and returns * Overlay shots * James May going for ride with Craig Lowndes * Shane Jacobson going for ride with Craig Lowndes * Group shots of the Top Gear team