V8 Super Tourer

Public unveiling of the all new COT V8 Super tourer, Auckland, February 16 2011

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V8 SuperTourer onboard Pukekohe - Andy Booth
Andy completes a few warm up laps in the V8 SuperTourer Prototype on a slightly damp Pukekohe Park Raceway before handing over to Craig Baird for his first experience behind the wheel of the 7 litre beast!

Mark Skaife FIRED UP !!
Mark Skaife and Russell Ingall have a classic argument on V8 Superstars in Melbourne in 2005. 2 great characters of the sport. Skaife has won everything there is to win in V8 Supercar / touring car racing in Australia and Russell Ingall had played the bridesmaid role many times until he finally took the 2005 title just weeks after this episode of V8 Superstars.

V8 Supertourers Latest News + Craig Baird Livery - Big Boys Toys 2011
Subscribe For More! http://oversteertv.co.nz Oversteer TV caught up with 3x NZV8 Champion John Mcintyre for an update on the upcoming V8 Supertourers series at the Big Boys Toys expo, ASB Showgrounds, Auckland, New Zealand. John talks about the progress with the chassis builds, the new aero packages including a DTM styled control rear wing as well as the signing of Hankook tyres for the series. Craig Baird's FG Falcon was also unveiled with a fantastic new livery. For more info on the cars, drivers and getting tickets for round 1 checkout http://www.v8supertourers.co.nz Subscribe for more Oversteer TV on SBPnz http://youtube.com/sbpnz Find Us On Facebook http://facebook.com/sbpnz

V8 SuperTourers - Test Day at Hampton Downs, May 2011
Oversteer TV and SBPnz went along to check out the Brand New V8 Super Tourer, a 7L 500hp V8 Touring Car set to race in a grid of 16 in the series' inaugural season in February 2012. The prototype was test driven at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park by New Zealand V8 Champions John McIntyre, Andy Booth, Kayne Scott, and Paul Manuel along with Kiwi V8 Supercar driver Greg Murphy For more info on the cars and the brand new race series checkout http://www.v8supertourers.co.nz Oversteer TV on SBPnz Find Us On Facebook http://facebook.com/sbpnz