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The Unfortunate History of the AMC Pacer
Behind all the jokes and insults, the AMC Pacer is actually a car with a great deal of history. It began as radical new design from an underdog company. In an attempt to combat the big, bland, boxy cars from Detroit's "Big Three," little American Motors Corporation decided to build something a little different. Their one-eyed car stylist Dick Teague proposed a small, wide car with big windows and smooth aerodynamics. Americans had never seen anything like it. This in-depth documentary tells the true story of the Pacer. Unbeknownst to many, the car persevered through manufacturing setbacks, government regulations, and many other troubles. Featuring a ton of old car advertisements and rare footage of AMC's factory, the film helps paint a picture of the Pacer's world. Director Joe Ligo sits down with AMC stylist Vincent Geraci, author Patrick Foster, and television personalities John Davis and Pat Goss from PBS's MotorWeek.

Gremlin By AMC Commercial (1970)
"If you had to compete with the three biggest car companies in America what would you do?" Humorous, early AMC Gremlin commercial. Spot aired in November, 1970 - the first year of Gremlin production. Gremlin driver is actor Joseph V. Perry. *Visit for 1970s pop culture fun.* Fair Use. No copyright infringement is intended. Posted for museum purposes only.

1975 AMC Pacer X Commercial Sandwich King - With James Millhollin & Jacques Aubuchon
AMC always seemed to use famous Charactor Actors in it's commercials. Very familiar faces. This commercial features Jacques Aubuchon as the Sandwich King and as the Butler James Millhollin. Larry Gelman is the driver of the Pacer. this commercial has been widely available on youtube for years, but in a very poor quality version. This is a bit better, but not much. Please Enjoy.

Top Gear AMC Pacer
Top Gear AMC Pacer