Airbrushing Wrinkle Effect

Ed Hubbs of Full Blown Kustoms shows you how to airbrush a wrinkle or marbleizing effect. This is a popular automotive technique and very easy to do.

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Revised Carbon Fiber
NEW ! Revised Version of Carbon Fiber. I decided to do a updated version of Carbon Fiber since I get asked so many questions about it. I also did a full length video that is for sale on my web site that is packed full of different ways to use this technique.

Airbrushing Water Droplets
Pictures- Ed Hubbs of Full Blown Kustoms shows you one of the easiest but most sought after airbrush effects, water droplets.

Chiseled in Stone
A short clip out of my Chiseled in Stone video. If you are interested in the FULL LENGTH video it can be found on my paid subscription channel at and also on my website in DVD and Digital Download format! Thank you for your support!

Insane Custom Paint
Ed Hubbs of Full Blown Kustoms takes you through one of his many show pieces with this Mitsubishi. This is a higher resolution version of the first upload. Finished Car- Music - Elwood -Stompin Little Scouts