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Drag Race Sebring Vs Lincoln and other random filmage

Wow I dont think any of us saw that one coming... gotta give that little sebring some props


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Completely random video and footage of the new Lincoln
finally getting haying season done so maybe now I can get some other things done

The sexiest Chevy motor you will ever see at Charlies lot
just messing around

1968 Pontiac GTO walkaround drive and 0 120mph run
this is quite possibly one of the most beautiful cars that I have ever been even semi involved with

2 7L Chrysler Sebring 0-80mph acceleration
just one of many reasons why i hate this car

Finally brought the 1957 international home
its about damn time... just one more thing to work on lol

Cold Start the John Deere 4230 and unloading another tote
not a very good cold start... it fired right up for once... hopefully that will keep all of you guys that wanted cold starts happy for now though lol

Pulling the motor on the Naked Lady and some quick service work
just got a couple of things to do before I pull my pickup in the shop to be fixed... and for those of you that will no doubt ask that is actually what we call this truck... when we first got it it had no bed so it was a little naked, seemed like a fitting name

Some simple shopwork
let me know what you all think of the fast forward thing... I wanted to show me actually doing some of the work instead of just "hey heres what Im doing and hey now its done"

And now for the bad news
Ive since found a running car with a 400 for a reasonable price, and a huge thanks to OldsMagnet for letting me use his trailer, and the Volkswagen Golf saves the day yet again

Parting out the free lincoln and a new car is on the way
gotta get some parts out of my Lincoln for my new one... and watch for the new videos we'll get you updated on some projects

Crushing the escort with an intrepid and matt almost rolls the john deere
figured as long as we were crushing cars we might as well do the intrepid... captain commando almost rolls our tractor definitely a butt pucker moment

A harrowing experience lol
had to get some harrowing done todday before the grass come up too far... so we got to lug the 2240 a bit

Fixing the Ford Brown Cow
No Roman I didnt fix the brakes lol

The JD 216 Mower Died and The Cub Cadet lives
Now the Cub Cadet has become even more useful... anyone need parts for a 216 john deere

3 cold starts and an ether explanation
had to move the equipment and figured id throw in my take on ether and its use since Ive had so many questions

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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