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Unimog Expedition Vehicle Overland Camper Van 3d Simulation (part 2)

Unimog U5000 3D Simulation of the interior cabin. Few shoots of living space (4.5m x 2.4 x 3.1 - when lifted upper deck). Part 2 of my project which is ready now for sale - all info upon request. Thank you for watching.


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Unimog Expedition Vehicle Overland Camper Van 3d Simulation (part 3)
Unimog U5000 3D Simulation of the exterior cabin.4.5m x 2.4 x 3.1 - when lifted upper deck, single cab long version Mercedes Unimog U5000. Part 1 of my project which is ready now for sale - all info upon request. Thank you for watching.

Unimog для охоты. Август 2011
Unimog U5000

Вездеходный автодом Mercedes Unimog 1300L
Вездеходный автодом Unimog 1300, построенный в 2012 году. Первый авто построенный мастерской; - "Вездеходный автодом КАМАЗ-4326" - 2011 год, в 2013 собран автодом Унимог 1850 с двойной кабиной. На данный момент в работе следующие проекты с которыми Вы можете ознакомиться на сайте http://www.vezdehodom.com/

Abenteuer Allrad 2010 - Expeditionsmobil
Expeditionsmobile von Actionmobil Unicat Bocklet auf der Abenteuer Allrad 2010 in Bad Kissingen

Abenteuer Allrad 2011 - Expeditionsmobil
Expeditionsmobile von Actionmobil, Unicat, Bocklet etc

2009 Somogybabod - Unimog

Unimog Expedition Vehicle Overland Camper Van 3d Simulation (part 1)
Unimog U5000 3D Simulation of the exterior cabin.4.5m x 2.4 x 3.1 - when lifted upper deck, single cab long version Mercedes Unimog U5000. Part 1 of my project which is ready now for sale - all info upon request. Thank you for watching.

Unimog U1550L37 on Launching pad Moab
Slow and steady up launching pad on Golden Spike Trail Moab

Bremach Xtreme camper
Returning from a nice and quiet spot

MAN / UNIMOG / VOLVO - UNICAT ® Expedition Vehicle Off Road Camper - Expeditionsmobil
Offroad Expeditiontrucks by UNICAT/Germany Heavy Offroad conditions http://www.unicat.net UNICAT provides the highest comfort levels of an RV with the go anywhere ability of off-road vehicles, with the highest standards of reliability, safety and comfort. Roads optional. It is the ultimate rescue, escape or survival module. For pleasure or for much more serious purposes, there is no better-suited vehicle than UNICAT.

Unimog 1300L camper
Unimog 1300L camper

Unicat Terracross Expedition Vehicle | TRANSLOGIC
Watch Next Ep. Here: http://goo.gl/uDD0mf The Unicat Terracross isn't your typical camper. This off-road expedition vehicle is built to sustain life for months at a time, with roof-mounted solar panels, an onboard water desalination unit and all the comforts of home. "This is for people who enjoy adventure travel," says Unicat Americas CEO Avi Meyers. We take the Unicat Terracross 52 Comfort for a spin on this edition of TRANSLOGIC. Subscribe For New TRANSLOGIC Videos: http://bit.ly/YPxiSb About 'TRANSLOGIC': Navigating the latest in transportation technology, TRANSLOGIC explores where mass transit, concept cars, electric vehicles and new transportation converge.  Get more TRANSLOGIC Read: http://translogic.aolautos.com/ Like: https://www.facebook.com/aoltranslogic Follow: https://twitter.com/aoltranslogic

UNIMOG - Camping Car - Motor Home - Raid - 4x4 - Maroc - Cirque de Jaffar
Ce superbe camping car 4x4 Motor Home Unimog est à vendre : http://www.parquatrechemins.com/p/unimog.html Le véhicule se trouve en Belgique.

Unimog Expedition Camper For Sale | Unimog® Shop
More info at http://UnimogShop.com I built this camper in 2004 so that I could take an extended vacation to drive to South America to explore off the beaten track locations by land and sea. One of the chief design considerations for the camper was the ability to carry a Zodiac G470 and outboard motor (deflated and rolled up). As it turns out I was able to take it to Alaska and Baja, before my life took a turn....now a I own a camper that seats 3, but have a family of 4 so this Unimog expedition camper needs to find another home. This Unimog 1300L has factory remanufactured OM352A turbo diesel engine that was installed in September of 2006, since then only 17,016 km have been put on the engine (a round trip from Colorado to Baja and then a trip to California). Mechanically the truck is in sound shape and could be quickly readied for its next adventure. I spent hundreds of hours designing and fabricating this camper. The camper is constructed out of 2" steel tubing, using receiver hitch tubing for the two front corners and the two vertical members that make the columns between the exterior rear exterior doors. The camper is a popup that gives 6'1" interior head clearance when the linear actuators are extended. It is skinned with steel and then painted with Rhino-liner. There is 2" of high density polyurethane foam insulations in the wall and ceiling of the camper. The camper has a forward table with center facing seats, which convert to a bed that will sleep two. Below this space there is a 80 gallons of water, an Isotemp hot water heater (mounted externally) (http://www.defender.com/product.jsp?path=-1|51|10172|319676&id=110202) a flowjet freshwater pump, a nature pure water filter, six AGM batteries to power the camper and a bit of storage space. There is 5' of counter space one cabinet three drawers a two burner electric stove and space for an Engel freezer. Opposite the counter the is a four door cabinet: one door houses the electrical system 3000 W Xantrex, BlueSky Solar Boost module 24 V to 12 V converter and Breaker panel; three drawers; two storage areas. There is a bed in the back with shelves surround (a custom made memory foam matresss). Below the bed is outside access to a large storage area, where the boat, motor Honda 2kw generator and other gear is kept. On top of the camper are two 185 watt solar panels. There is a Espar hydronic heater that functions to warm the engine in extreme cold conditions as well as heat the camper. 16' Zodiac G470 with a OMC 35 hp ACT Pump Jet drive (http://actorlando.com/pump-jet-propulsion.htm). I have lots of spares including a complete lower drive unit, impeller and many engine parts [multiple carb and fuel pump kits and many many more]). The boat has an Alligator Skin covering from Alligator Marine (http://alligatormarine.40eleven.com). Included are two rigid and 4 collapsible gas tanks made by Nautica to give you amazing range for the boat. Extras include a davit with electric winch for loading and unloading of the boat, motor and spare tires; 24 volt spool gun welder; spare starter; and miscellaneous spare parts for truck camper and boat. Also included is an adapted (stretched tongue) U.S. military 1 ½ ton trailer M105A2. The box is made of aluminum and interior dimensions are 6'4" x 9'. This trailer has bows and a vinyl cover. There are some cosmetic issues with the truck. The clear coat is peeling off of the hood and there are some scratches here and there. The power coated rims and bumpers show some spotting and the lug nuts have surface rust. Please let me know if you have any questions. For more photos see: https://picasaweb.google.com/103138229079956665377/UnimogPhotos This truck is also listed locally and I may end this auction at any time. - more info at http://UnimogShop.com

Camping Truck, le concept truck de voyage avec Pénéloppe et Ulysse
http://www.truckeditions.com Camping Truck - Confort et aventure, c'est possible Michèle et Yves ont imaginé un magnifique concept. Il est issu de l'assemblage d'un Unimog et d'une remorque semi portée. Lui donner le nom d'Ulysse et Pénélope leurs a semblé incontournable. Michèle et Yves ont imaginé un magnifique concept. Il est issu de l'assemblage d'un Unimog et d'une remorque semi portée. Lui donner le nom d'Ulysse et Pénélope leurs a semblé incontournable. Les dimensions, l'espace et la qualité des matériaux utilisés sont hors normes camping car lambda. La cuisine est mieux équipée que dans la plupart des appartements réputés confortables. Le séjour fait 12 mètres carré : c'est immense pour ce type de véhicule ! L'électricité est produite par un ensemble de panneaux solaires d'une surface de 22 mètres carré situés sur le toit du véhicule. Des panneaux orientables en fonction de la position du soleil fournissent 1800 Watts/heure qui peuvent être stockés dans des batteries situées dans le châssis. Chaque véhicule possède en outre sa propre production électrique classique. Des réservoirs d'eau répartis le long du châssis permettent de stocker jusqu'à 5000 litres. Finalement, c'est un engin fantastique, totalement autonome, capable d'affronter les contrées les plus inhospitalières, un rêve enfin réalisé ! Beaucoup de réflexions, des calculs à n'en plus finir, le plaisir de la création et si c'était ça la finalité, l'authentique passion de Michèle et Yves, allez savoir ? Quoiqu'il en soit, concepteurs de génie ou aventuriers prévoyants ils forcent l'admiration et on a bien envie de leur demander : "Vous ne pourriez pas nous faire le même ?" Après avoir été visionné 18 623 fois sur le site www.truckeditions.com, nous avons décidé de partager ce sujet avec un plus large public de passionnés de modèles réduits sur YouTube. Bon visionnage à tous :-) L'équipe TRUCKEDITIONS

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