C63 AMG (3) // Formula Drift Qatar

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Fun & Games At Ryan Tuerck’s Home Drift Car Garage: Garage Tours w/ Chris Forsberg
Ryan Tuerck prioritizes garage space over living space at his New Hampshire home base. (Season 1, episode 10): Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg takes us on a tour of garages around the country, from professional outfits to grassroots backyard garages. In this episode, we go behind the scenes at Ryan Tuerck’s New Hampshire home garage. First impressions are that equal amounts of fun/work happen here...weighing heavily on the fun side. Evidence of Tuerck and his two brothers ten years of drifting are everywhere including sacrificed and resurrected drift cars littering the property. Inside garage #1 Ryan shows off the upgrades he’s making on his finely tuned 1JZ as seen in the Tuerck’d Off Seasons episodes. Meanwhile in the “missile garage” (everyone has one of those right?) Tuerck shows off the gradual missile car builds he and his brother Evan have in progress. In yet another garage, Tuerck’s homie Dave is restoring a 53 Chevy Bel Air Hot Rod and shows us a killer custom shaved door handle hack! Back out front, a gas grill and a headlight get Tuerck’d during a hectic driveway drift session, which devolves into a 50cc moto session, BMXing and …where’d the day go? Watch the whole first season of Garage Tours: http://bit.ly/GarageTours and stay tuned for a new season of Tuerck’d coming this fall on Network A! MORE: Racecar Builds at MA Motorsports: http://youtu.be/rSPsJ2rNsl0 Custom Porsches at BBI Autosport: http://youtu.be/pJ2X7aNyyQk One-of-a-kind Harleys at Suicide Machine Co.: http://youtu.be/8SoolQ6bDM0 Magnus Walker’s 911 Collection: http://youtu.be/CDAh0JKGL6Q NASCAR Secrets at Hendrick Motorsports: http://youtu.be/YDow7AeyKlM The Ultimate DIY Sprint Cars: http://youtu.be/UshoI-jx4Dw Classic Earnhardt NASCAR Restorations: http://youtu.be/wL_tNAOLcG0 Pro-Level Driving School at Bondurant: http://youtu.be/qmoNW-FETYs Las Vegas Off Road Racing at Menzies: http://youtu.be/Mt3FclOVz2g Connect with Valvoline on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/valvoline Subscribe to Network A! ‪‪‪http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=networka‬ Check out the new http://www.networka.com/ Connect on email: http://bit.ly/WeeklyA Like us on Facebook: ‪‪‪https://www.facebook.com/networka‬‬‬ Follow us on Twitter: ‪‪‪http://www.twitter.com/networka‬‬‬ Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/networka Follow us on Google+: http://www.google.com/+NetworkA

درفت مرسيدس C63 AMG كوبيه في حلبة الريم - Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe Drift
إذا تمنيت من قبل مشاهدة مرسيدس C63 AMG تحرق إطاراتها دون تردد, فلحسن حظك أن السائق سعيد الموري أخذ المرسيدس C63 في جولة قصيرة لتصويرها تحت رعاية إطارات هانكوك للموسم القادم من السباقات, حيث طلب المصورون الإنحراف بزاوية محددة للسيارة أثناء الدرفت لتصويرها, وهو مايوضح الإنحراف الطويل للسيارة في الفيديو. السائق سعيد الموري لم يترك حصان واحد من الـ481 حصان لعدم إستهلاكه, لذلك ستشاهد في هذا الفيديو مدى شراسة C63 AMG, والأجمل من ذلك هو صوت الـC63 AMG الرائع. إقرأ أكثر عن مرسيدس C63 AMG تم تصوير الفيديو من قبل: HankookRacing


A Matte White C63 AMG with carbon parts in Qatar, downshifting and revving very loudly! Subscribe for more awesome car videos! Like my facebook page: www.facebook.com/DlightSwitchSupercars