The difference between ABS and non-ABS emergency braking

At a Lexus safety features event in Alameda, California, on September 16, 2010, a professional driver explains and demonstrates the difference between how a car performs with and without anti-lock braking.

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ABS vs. No ABS - Episode 4
Basically a re-make of Episode 1, with real life footage. A lot of people claim that since past episodes are 3D representations, therefore are fake or innacurate. I know the difference would be much different if surface was wet, oily, with gravel, mud, etc... My videos are based on day to day conditions. Also I´m just trying to make a single point : "It is possible to stop on a shorter distance without ABS" I know it lets you steer, and all that stuff, but right now I´m not dealing with it (maybe later). ABS is a safety feature but it always comes to the driver to manouver correctly under dangerous circumnstances and take the right decitions to avoid an accident. (like lowering your speed if road is on low traction conditions, or not speeding while getting to a blind intersection, etc...) Here´s me demonstrating what I´ve shown in previous episodes. I´m the driver. Notes: - In 2nd Threshold braking, I missed my braking point (a bush I used as reference) so I had to brake a bit harder, you can see ABS is disabled because on the last second my rear wheel locks. - I changed locations because the tests where on different days, I have to find a nice lone road to do them, and the tests of threshold braking I made on the 1st location lacked a lot of references and was very hard to brake always at the same speed, also I had less road to speed up and keep that speed before braking. - I lose speedometer when I disable ABS, how do I know I´m reaching the same speed? well, I perform an ABS test and look at the tachometer to see how much revolutions at certain gear I need for that particular speed (in this case it was 3500 revs in 2nd gear for 55-60 kmph) - The voice is all weird because its from a text to speech engine, it is not me talking. I wanted to narrate stuff instead of typing everything like on past episodes. The car is a standard production car. Opel Astra with stock brakes, braking pads are not new (in fact they need to be replaced) Wheels are Michelin hydroedge, which are great to avoid hydroplaning and they´re very hard, so they last a long way. There´s no flat stop after the full lock test.

Safe braking with ABS by Bosch
Safe Braking with the Anti-Locking Brakes System

ABS Explained - Must Watch. ✔
More details visit: This video explains about the working of ABS -- Anti lock braking system and its components. This system is a precision braking system used in modern automobiles. Components of an ABS: 1. Wheel speed sensor. 2. ABS control module. 3. Hydraulic motor. 4. Pressure release valves. 5. Brake pipe leading to caliper. Working of ABS: All the wheels are fixed with brake calipers and wheel speed sensors. As the brake is applied, the hydraulic motor supplies the flow to the brake caliper and the brake will be engaged. In case of a wheel slip, there is a chance for wheel lock. This will be sensed by the wheel speed sensor which intimates this to the ABS control module. The ABS control module intern opens the relief valve and release the pressure from the caliper there by avoiding wheel lock. As the wheel lock is cleared, the hydraulic motor increased the flow there by increasing the breaking effort. There are two types of ABS systems 1. Three channel 2. Four channel system. Which will be updated in my coming videos. Our Blog. Plz Join Our Face Book Page. Related topics: abs abs brakes abs brakes working abs brakes working principle abs brakes not working anti lock brakes not working when do anti lock brakes not work when will anti lock brakes not prevent skidding anti lock braking system anti lock braking system working animation anti lock braking system advantages anti lock braking system videos how abs works how abs works animation how abs works in a car how abs sensor works how abs pump works how abs works video how anti lock brake system works how anti lock braking system functions how to bleed anti lock brake system how anti lock brakes are made anti lock braking system ppt anti lock braking system price how anti lock brakes work anti lock braking system eplained anti lock braking system working principle

ABS Braking System - Operation
This video shows the ABS braking system operation