MSR Cresson 1.7 CW - Exige and 300ZX

2009.02.21 Day 1 Session 4 with the Drivers Edge 1.7 CW

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BMW CCA - MSR Cresson 1.7 CW - Instructor Run Group
Z4M - AST 4150 and NT01 ; Most fun laps of the weekend Lap 4 - Lap 8. Playing with Jason, Doug and Mark and clocked 1:25.x at lap 8. Great group and supporting people.

MSR-C 1.7 CW | 996 GT3 | Feb 4-5 2012
996 GT3 at Motorsport Ranch Cresson. 1.7 CW.

MSR Cresson 1.7 CW Boss 302 Hack
Final session on Sunday. Boss 302 with Vorshlag camber plates, CarboTech XP12 brake pad and AD08R tires otherwise its stock. Ended the day with a string of 1:28s with a best of 1:28.75 Fast forward to the 6 minute mark for my best laps time wise

Porsche 997GT3 -vs- Cayman S @ MSR 1.7cw
I let Bill slide by on the inside and then try to hang with him. He has 150HP more than me, but the Cayman can make up some distance in the corners. But Bill did have a braking problem going on too.