Maori Activist Music Video Clip

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Upper Hutt Posse (1998) Album - Movement In Demand

He Ra Hou Tenei - Matua Twins (Lyrics in desc.)
Mean maori vocals. Terehia & Kere Matua LYRICS: Mawhiti mai ko te ra ka ao ka awatea. He ra hou tenei kua hura. Hiake ai ko te ra kia whakanuia, I tenei ra hou kua hura. CHORUS: E whiti mai te ra, me o tini kara. Ka rewa mai ko koe, he ariki he tipua. I nga ra pouri i reira koe oro ana. He ra hou tenei kua hura. Maaene te kiri, mahue te riri. Whiti mai ko koe kia ngawari. Wehe rua kapua, ka murua i nga hara He ra hou tenei kua hura. Hinga ai te marama, ka rewa mai koe ki runga. He ata po kua pahure, he ra hou tenei kua hura.

Come Home - Konflikt (NZ Army tribute)
Free Download the song here: http://www.mediafire.com/?uxx7gbrj2uhck1i http://soundcloud.com/konfliktmusic/come-home-konflikt This footage isn't intended to offend anyone but to show an insight to some of the things our soldiers do. Respect to all families who have lost a family member serving our country. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Konflikt/137851192895511 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kon2.0/ Twitter.com: https://twitter.com/konfliktmusic LYRICS: © Jarad Westrupp Hook: When you come home I'll stop this, When you come home I'll hide it good, I'll never cry again, When you come home to me. Verse 1: This morning I woke up wondering if our country really knows, the extents of what our soldiers do across the globe, everyday that we get to wake up safe it's thanks to those, fighting for us, plenty of stories, many will never be told, I'm letting them know they're never alone whenever they are alone, at times I know we act ungrateful but in out hearts we know, the sacrifices they persue like living so far from home, and every single thing they do they, never take for granted no, each one's a Son a Brother, Cousin, Father, Uncle too, some young and old but from that point of view that's nothing new, if you can't process the dangers, all the years of strength and training, then I guess what you see on TV you claim as entertainment, what about the daughter getting teased at school for the scarf that she wore, ignoring the fact that her family's broke as it is and her fathers at war, with a Mother that's torn and a brother at law school trying to support the fort working hard for them all, so every night she finds herself saying. Hook. Verse 2: It's crazy really how we complain about our 9 to 5's, when we got soldiers overseas that fight to try survive, and it's guys like these with pride who our country should idolise, so tell your little boy that his fathers a hero, every time he cries, give it up for their motivation, those who know their stationed, in a city where they know it ain't safe and would rather be home but no complaining, we could never understand the weeks of no communication, to the outside world or the magnitude of any situation, what about the one's that don't come back, what about the wife that mopes in black, what about the kids so young when their mum tries to explain it they don't react, think about the knock at the door when a soldier awaits and you know what for, when he lowers his hat, she's got to tell her kids that they're never gonna see their dad no more like, I'm letting you know you're never alone whenever you are alone, I hoped I'd never see the day I had to let you go, I'm not okay but every day I'm getting better though, todays a stepping stone, but still right now she finds herself saying.. Bridge I saw you again I knew just where you'd be, I'll stop this, real soon when you're back safe with me (But 'til then I'll be singing this song) Hook.

le clip de la coupe du monde de rugby revue un peu plus metal