The Volvo 940 VOC project

The Volvo 940 VOC project

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Bilbygge våren 2014
Vi visar hur vi bygger en folkracebil. Denna bil används endast i event-körningar, och alltså inte i folkracetävlingar.

Flash Engineering test: Volvo 940 rally vs BMW 320d
Flash Engineering has performed an extremely scientific test between a bog standard BMW 320d and a Volvo 940 rally car. Hosts and STCC champions Jan "Flash" Nilsson and Thed Björk tested the cars thoroughly to provide you with the as much information as possible. If you ever wondered what to choose between the both, that is...

Ascona bygge movie2.wmv
Boynes bygge :)

Blue Shadows Volvo
Projekt Blue Shadow, bilbyggare är Kristoffer "Toffe" Hansson.