1970 Chevy Nova Blown Alcohol Injected

Billy Cox Blown Alcohol Injected SBC in a Tube Chassis 1970 Chevy Nova

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Fort Mill SC Golf Ball SIze Hail Storm 4-9-2011
The SS was outside when a nasty hail storm came through with golf ball size hail. Wife took this video while I was clearing garage to bring Camaro in.

Blown Alcohol Injected Camaro
Blown 355 Small Block Injected on Methanol Alcohol.

Blown Alcohol Ford Pickup Truck
Devin Welsh in his newly built 1972 Ford pickup truck at Alaska Raceway Park. This is one of Devin's licensing passes. The truck has a 532 cu in big block Ford engine with a 12-71 Hampton blower and Enderle alcohol injection. There's a Ford 9in rear end in the back and a teenage driver in the seat.

The Stinger with Arias Alcohol Hemi
Last Check before the first Race 2012