Nissan 300 ZX vs Dodge neon SRT-4

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300zx vs Srt-4
IFO Gainesville 2-27-11

Nissan 300zx vs Dodge neon srt4
Both cars are not stock

SRT4 STG3 VS 300zx
neon says this on facebook it slow and his car pull harder then later on we race 8 times and he never gets close to pulling me i was pulling him every time we were only even when i was spinning yes there are videos **** is gonna put them up, you decide

300ZX NA vs.Audi A4 Turbo
300ZX non- turbo racing an Audi A4 1.8 turbo. 300ZX had AEM intake, cheap mufflers, Megan coilovers, 350Z wheels, and a Greddy fascia. Audi was all stock. Z missed 3rd gear in the last run. This was taken in 2008. Car has since been further upgraded and sold. Definitely the one car that I regret ever getting rid of.