best Motoring Vol.34 FF Driving (4)

honda performance

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Best Motoring - FF vs FR vs 4WD vs MR
Best Motoring - Honda Civic Type R FD2 vs Nissan 370 Z vs Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X vs Lotus Elise Sodegaura Forest Raceway

Front Wheel Drive tricks
A ford puma is used to instruct some cool moves.

[ENG CC] Driving techniques by Keiichi Tsuchiya and Orido Manabu HV46 [Civic EK9]
miroshi's Integra Type R #1920 homepage: Driving technique basics explained with example by Keiichi Tsuchiya and Orido Manabu! Civic Type R EK9 in action.

New Impreza WRX is Challenged By it's rivals. (Tuskuba Battle)
The Impreza Sedan From 2000 Is challenged by bigger & more powerful JDM'S. This Car Comes with a 4 Cylinder Boxer engine, Outputting 250PS/hp. The WRX Main Rival Is the Euro-R. Cars: Nissan Silvia Spec R '99 Subaru Impreza WRX '00 Subaru Impreza WRX STi Type RA '99 Subaru Legacy GT-B Wagon (E-Tune Version) '00 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 6 Tommi Manikin Edition GSR '00 BM Toyota Altezza RS200 Edition' 98 Honda Accord Euro-R '00