best Motoring Vol.34 FF Driving (4)

honda performance

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Best Motoring International Vol. 19 - Battles at 10,000rpm
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Best Motoring International Vol. 21 - American Touge
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American Touge 2 - FF Preliminary Round - Hot Version International - 3 of 5
After the success of the first American Touge, we conducted an open casting call for US tuner cars to appear in the sequel AT2 - Go to for more car videos and content - to be tested and driven to the limits touge style by Keiichi "Drift King" Tsuchiya and his sidekick Yasuyuki Kazama. 33 cars divided into 4 different classes were chosen to battle it out to challenge last year's "Touge Monster", Comptech NSX. Hotties Kazumi Kondo and Verena Mei co-host the show. ; Cars were divided into NA RWD, turbo RWD, FR and AWD classes. Promising contenders from the first American Touge such as Hasport, Top Setup, Techno Toy Tuning, Vishnu and XS Engineering were there to avenge the Touge Monster title. Cars from grade A tuners such as the Mullerized EVO and AEM Civic Si were newly chosen along with several privateers with hopes they may have some surprises.

Best Motoring - FF vs FR vs 4WD vs MR
Best Motoring - Honda Civic Type R FD2 vs Nissan 370 Z vs Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X vs Lotus Elise Sodegaura Forest Raceway