2009 Civic Si on Nitrous

50 Shot

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100 shot nitrous 2008 Civic Si vs Nissan Skyline R32 360whp 35roll
8th gen si vs Boosted r32 sr20 civic has pullies, intake, 100 shot Nitrous couldn't maintain bottle pressure skyline has 10lb Boost makes 360hp

2009 Honda civic si GReddy Turbo
i plan on selling my 11 month old greddy turbo kit for $2,000...message me for more info.

Street Racer Blows up Civic on Nitrous
the video in the comments is of a crx with this exact same set up pulled right out of this car and put in the crx the exact same way. no bottle mount at all and the motor was built from junkyard parts and it did not blow up after a month of nothing but Nitrous runs.point is i dnt think bottle mounts matter...

2009 Stage 2 WRX vs 2002 Boosted Civic si
My stage 2 wrx with cobb accessport and turbo back catless Exhaust with my buddys Boosted si, i think he said he is only pushing like 6 psi