Pulling the door off

Using a tow strap to pull a door off my wrecked trans am

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Fbody Crash Compilation
Slide show vid Credits to: Marshu.com Google images ebay sorry no sound everyone.... oh and FUCK YOU WMG!!!!

1985 Pontiac Firebird Final Dyno Pull
my 1985 Trans Am run on a Dyno-pac Dyno only modifications to the car are a Magnaflow Exhaust and over-sized tires. data: 192 hp @ 4750rpm 235 lb-ft @ 3250rpm

snatch strap torture tassie
it was stuck! and then we both were!

High speed car chase in Dallas - June 29, 2009
A high speed car chase has come to an end in north Dallas after a truck t-boned the car being chased. Police had been following the car back and forth on 635 in Dallas. Apparently, the driver refused to pull over when he officers tried to pull him over for a traffic infraction. There is speculation as to the condition of the driver now, who reportedly was in contact with the Dallas constables who were chasing him. He was threatening to kill himself. Reportedly, there were at least 11 units tailing him. After exiting the freeway, the car pulled out into an intersection and was struck by a truck. It continued to roll for a bit. After it stopped, police swarmed the car. They walked away rather than trying to get the driver from the car leading to speculation that he was either seriously injured or dead. The truck struck the car in the driver's side door and smashed it in. The truck seemed to be traveling at a high rate of speed at the time of the collision and it suffered considerable damage. As this is a breaking story, details are sparse. **Segment owned by Fox News and only Fox News**