380 horsepower Corvair engine

A short look at the 2 HP per cubic inch normally aspirated Corvair

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380 HP Corvair Dyno Pull
Video of the 380 horsepower Corvair on the Dyno

Turbo 1965 Corvair Corsa First Start, Fresh Restoration
This is the first startup of our recently restored '65 Chevy Corvair Corsa.

Pulling A Corvair Engine In Four And A Half Minutes!!! (7.3.12)
We had to take the engine transmission and differential out of my 1963 Corvair! We were having trouble with the starter and the ring gear on the torque converter. So, inorder to access those parts, we had to pull the whole engine! which was easier than you would think! tags: corvair chevy chevrolet engine 1963 starter problems "starter problems" torque converter ring gear "stripped ring gear" worn pulling dropping "how to" howto how to "how to drop a corvair engine" mechanic mechanical motorsports cars