LEDmod.com BMW M3 E46 Custom Gauge Face and LED Conversion

LEDmod.com BMW M3 E46 Custom Gauge Face and Custom LED Conversion By LEDmod.com It was done with red LED, but camera tends to make it look like orange... in person they are pure red (deep red) Gauge face can be fully customized and made to order Design it pretty much any way you like Contact information Sean@LEDmod.com Installation service available in SoCal[Fullerton, CA], Las Vegas and NYC[Flushing, NY]

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Changing the Color of an E46 Cluster - with Overlays
How to video installation for E46 M3 Cluster Overlays. These go over the stock cluster background, do it yourself video. E46 M3 Overlays: https://eurocustomspr.store/collections/e46-m3-2001-2005/products/2001-2006 -bmw-e46-cluster-overlays E46 Coupe Overlays (Non-M): https://eurocustomspr.store/collections/e46-3-series-non-m3/products/bmw-e4 6-3-series-coupe-2dr-non-m3-cluster-overlays E46 Sedan Overlays (Non-M): https://eurocustomspr.store/collections/e46-3-series-non-m3/products/bmw-e4 6-4dr-cluster-overlays Email: sales@eurocustomspr.com Personal Instagram: @e46_ema

Custom Show Car BMW M3 e46 by Tomcio
BMW M3 e46 SMG for sale.

BMW E46 LED Instrument Cluster - Upgrade
2003 BMW E46 LED Instrument Cluster - Upgrade, white LED's + Red Needles

Hidden Features of the BMW e46 part 2
Here are 5 hidden features of the BMW e46. PART 1 Of BMW Hidden Features: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpE2jd9Fhr8&t=15s Like, Comment, and subscribe!