Supercharged Integra LS JRSC

JRSC at 9psi on a stock block LS, this run was the first time I ran 14.2 @ 101mph

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acura integra 94 supercharged 15psi
integra rs 94 with gsr 99 and jackson racing Supercharger at 15 psi

303whp 260trq Stock block and head LS integra
16psi pump gas. Retuned later to 17psi and 328whp on a different Dyno. Still stock block and head

1996 Acura Integra Supercharged vs. 2013 Subaru WRX Stage 1
35 roll against my buddy on a private course...

Supercharged B18 GSR Integra vs Big Red K20 Supercharged
Jackson Racing Supercharged Integra vs Comptech Supercharged Civic Si