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1970 Dodge Challenger R/T kick´s Blown Corvette´s Ass :D

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Our 1971 Challenger R/T in HD!
Essentially the same video I've had on YouTube for years of our 1971 Challenger R/T set to Pixies' "Planet of Sound" (thank you Black Francis and Kim Deal!), but this version is psuedo remastered for an attempt at HD. (high definition playback)

1970 Dodge Convertible Challenger
This Challenger is for sale. Serious inquires only. email me @ wantitall69@hotmail.com

Dave Robsons 1970 Dodge Challenger RT 440 6 PAK 1st run @ Santa Pod Euro Nats 2009
This is footage of Dave Robsons 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 440-6 PAK 1st run at the Euro Nats @ Santa Pod July 2009. Just before this run the car experienced minor problems that shaved a second or so off its expected time. Infact a number of cars at the Nats ended up being rolled off the start line because of some sort of problem....it didnt hold Dave back despite the problems he ran the car regardless. It sounded great as it HOONED down the Poddington strip.

1970 Dodge Challenger