The Professionals 1x02 Part 2

Long Shot Part 2

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The Professionals - Best of "The Female Factor" Season 1 Episode 2
The lads' camaraderie and Cow´s fave line: "The department owns you, I own you.... I can sell your body to science if I want... while it's still alive!" / "We are ... - Outlander Church Episode 1x02: 'Castle Leoch'
Welcome to Outlander Church, hosted by In this session we cover 'Outlander' season 1, episode 2 - 'Castle Leoch'.

The Professionals The Female Factor

Rome total war, 'rise of the empire', part 37
The Battle of Capua plains. Perhaps one of our greatest victories. The Scipii attack with three armies far outnumbering and even outmatching our own with much ...