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Testing Governor Pressure

How to test Governor Pressure on an Automatic Transmission. I'm using a Chrysler 42RE in a 1997 Dodge Dakota. What I do can be applied to any automatic transmission with an Electronic Governor.


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Trans Pressure Testing Basics.flv
The basics of transmission pressure testing

48re Line pressure testing
Have no forward gears, testing line pressure.

Here we show what went wrong with this 48RE, this is not meant to be an instructional video

ATI Racing Torque Converter Cut Open Machine

The Idiots' Garage: Jeep Transmission Part 1
Craig and Danny attempt to install a new governor pressure sensor into a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. Hilarity ensues as the due ponder why transmission fluid looks like something out of a slasher film, whether Lee Iaccoca is still dead, and why you can never trust the guy behind the parts counter at the Chrysler dealership.

200-R4 Governor and accumulator spring
The project continues to refine so to speak the overdrive 200-R4 transmission retrofitted to a 1972 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser. Cleanliness and patience, and being flexible too when working in cramped conditions helps with these sort of projects. The softer shift (will still be more firm then stock, as there is a shift kit in this transmission) will not be detrimental to the 2nd band as it is a Kevlar one, and there is a large oil cooler fitted to the transmission lines as well. The dust cover for the torque converter will finally be fitted too when all is said and done.

518, 47Re, 48Re, 46Rr, Chrysler/Dodge Transmission Rebuild
Complete rebuild of a 518 Transmission

Part 18. Front Band Adjustment
Ever wanted to know how to udjust your front band for the 727 torqueflite? We show you how.

FixEuro.com - VW 09G Transmission - Valve Body Test
www.FixEuro.com - largest automotive repair website on the Internet Here: testing the valve body solenoids to spec voltage. Original Content - Copyright 2008 FixEuro.com

99-04 Jeep Grand Cherokee: how to replace Transmission Solenoid Pack on a 45RFE transmission
DONATE WITH PAYPAL: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=YWERVY ZRTWHH4 this video will show you how to replace the transmission solenoid pack. this can fix issues such as your car being stuck in 2nd gear "limp in mode" I was getting a P0700 code when I read it with a code reader I got.. P0770 P0760 P0750 which are all transmission solenoid error codes so I thought for sure this pack needed to be replaced.. unfortunately thid didn't work for me bu it might work for you . make sure you do your research before performing this costly repair BEFORE REPLACE SOLENOID PACK TRY REPLACING THESE (buy 2) Transmission speed sensor: http://goo.gl/eQ4fXw ISSUE WAS RESOLVED!! I later gave up on trying to fix this dreaded P0700 error code and took it into the shop. they said the transmission was fine, but it was low on ATF+4 so we filled it up, cleared the codes and drove halfway around the block for the code to come back.. they later read all the codes and the one that stood out the most was P1758: Transmission Relay output ALWAYS OFF other transmission codes were P0750: low rev solenoid Circuit P1734: 2C pressure switch P1781: Overdrive Pressure Switch P1733: 4C pressure Switch P1732: Underdrive Pressure switch the relay problem signified an electrical issue, so they charged me $90 to check all the cables and make sure power was getting down to the tramsmission. Power was NOT gettting to the transmission so they checked the Relay, The Relay was ok, but the TCM (Transmission Control Module - computer) was not providing power to the Relay. so they instructed me to just buy a new TCM I went to this site: http://store.allcomputerresources.com/20jegrchtcmt1.html and purchased a new TCM. got it in the mail today 11/11/2013 and BAM! MY JEEP RUNS LIKE NEW, now that it has a brand new solenoid pack and a new TCM all the Transmission codes are cleared! ITEMS USED IN THE VIDEO Solenoid pack: http://kenpartintransmissionparts.com/solenoids/ Ratchet set: http://goo.gl/Iu0zNq Torque wrench: http://goo.gl/vZO1sx full screw driver set: http://goo.gl/Ye0zLZ Pry bar: http://goo.gl/62KzrZ Transmission fluid: http://goo.gl/7XOpa6 Transmission filters: http://goo.gl/Oq58aE Filter removal tool: http://goo.gl/Xg59V9 WD-40: http://goo.gl/pgtdrs Ultra Black Gasket maker: http://goo.gl/DjV98M

Dodge 48RE Transmission Rebuild Part 1.wmv
Dodge 48RE Transmission Rebuild Part 1

42RE air check
42RE air check

Transmission line pressure testing with Pico's WPS500 Pressure Transducer
Transmission line pressure testing made easy with the PicoScope and the WPS500 pressure transducer. Brought to you by Autonerdz

Overdrive Transmission - How to test the Wiring
There are 3 or 4 switches in the wiring to get your overdrive to engage. If any one of those has failed your overdrive won't engage. In this video we will run you through the steps to test the wiring going to your overdrive.

Transmission Problems TCM Trouble Code 21 and P1756
Jeep Transmission Problems TCM Trouble Code 21 and P1756

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