Testing Governor Pressure

How to test Governor Pressure on an Automatic Transmission. I'm using a Chrysler 42RE in a 1997 Dodge Dakota. What I do can be applied to any automatic transmission with an Electronic Governor.

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Governor Pressure Solenoid & Sensor Replacement
Basic Dis-Assembly, and replacement Pressure Solenoid , and Pressure Transducer (Sensor) This Covers All the Below Dodge & Jeep Automatic Transmissions: A500 , 42RE , 44RE A518 , 46RE A618 , 47RE 48RE Visit Us @ www.CascadeTransmissionParts.com For Questions We Prefer You Email Us Directly Sales at Cascade Transmission Parts Period Com

Trans Pressure Testing Basics.flv
The basics of transmission pressure testing

How to Measure Transmission Line Pressure
In this video I demonstrate how to measure the line pressure inside of an automatic transmission

Replace Jeep Grand Cherokee Dodge Ram Transmission Pressure Sensor Solenoid Error Code P1762 P1764
This shows how to replace the Governor Pressure Sensor Transducer & Solenoid and filter on A500 A518 A618 Automatic Transmission. This is typically seen with check engine error code P1762 P1764 and also the transmission may shift late or ne ver come out of first gear. This transmission is found in Dakota, Durango 2000 2001 2002 2003 Ram & Van 1500 2000-2002, 3500 2000 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Grand Cherokee Laredo 2000 - 2004