2011 Mercedes-Benz E200 CGI Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour

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*CORRECTION* In the video I said the combined fuel consumption is 52.3mpg which translates into 4.5l/100km. I made a mistake here as I did not realise that the converter site that I used translated the US mpg instead of the imperial mpg to l/100km. The correct figures are 52.3mpg = 5.4l/100km. Hello everyone! Today's video will be the third in the series of E-Class videos. Similar to what I did with the 3-Series, Camry and i10, I will try to showcase every generation of the E-Class ever produced. However, for this series, I am missing the W123 E-Class and W211 E-Class as I could not find those two generations to film. Anyways, enjoy! P.S. I filmed this video last year, so this video is in a slightly older format and not as refined as what I produce today. Do forgive me on this!

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