Stock dodge ram sport 1500 1/4 mile

Taking my truck to the track for the first time. Red lighted .003 seconds early on this run. My best run of the day was 17.56 with a .016 light. This was bone stock to get a base line for my future mods. Truck info: 5.2L 318ci V8 with stock everything and street tires Thanks for watching!

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Regular Car Reviews: 1997 Dodge Ram 1500
Chrysler created the best pickup truck of the 90's by building a Tonka Truck instead of a complainant work vehicle. This 4 or 6 wheeled masculine-dicto-simpliciter also changed the line-up of every manufacturer forever. The new Dodge Ram de-throned the luxury four-door sedan as the King of the Car Lot. In the 1990's, trucks became premium vehicles. The Dodge Ram also cemented the idea that a truck must look like a synthol-pumped, penis-panicking, club-brawler. I got the tow/cargo ratings all wrong in the Dodge Ram video. Sorry about that. As a peace offering, please accept this novelty Johnny-Cash-style song written and performed by a friend of mine. Three people are murdered in the song. The song is called: "Wodega."


2005 HEMI Dodge Ram Quad Cab 1500 1/4 Mile Run
Went to the track after instaling my Pacesetter LT's and Y-pipe. Ran a 14.656 @ 92mph. Truck weighs 5,500+#'s

2018 Ram 1500 Copper Sport and Heavy Duty Night Review
2018 Ram 1500 Copper Sport and Heavy Duty Night Review - The Chicago Auto Show has historically been a truck-heavy expo, and this year FCA is rolling out two new versions of its stalwart pickup: the limited edition Ram 1500 Copper Sport and the Ram Heavy Duty Night edition. While there are no changes under the skin, the pair of appearance packages add a host of unique touches inside and out to help truck buyers set their rides apart from the crowd. The Ram 1500 Copper Sport starts at $46,950 and will be limited to just 3,000 units. That's a drop in the bucket compared to number Ram pickups that the automaker sells every year, but at least it's a limited edition that's actually limited. All models will be Crew Cab V8s. Aside from the copper-colored paint on the body, grille, and bumpers, the Copper Sport adds contrasting black decaled Sport performance hood, black Ram's head grille badge, black tailgate badge and black body-side badges. The Copper Sport also comes with unique wheels in either 20- or 22-inch diameters (depending on whether you get a 4x2 or 4x4). Inside, the truck gets copper-colored accents on the seat, headrests, and minor trim pieces. The headliner and A-pillars are all black to match the copper and black mesh seats. The Copper Sport also comes with a nine-speaker Alpine audio system that includes a subwoofer. Keywords: ram 1500, ram 1500 ecodiesel, ram 1500 hemi, ram 1500 review, ram 1500 sport, ram 1500 off road, ram 1500 accessories, ram 1500 crash test, ram 1500 diesel review, ram 1500 ecodiesel straight pipe, ram 1500 ecodiesel review, ram 1500 express review, ram 1500 hemi review, ram 1500 night edition, ram 1500 test drive Source : -1283972198/ Backsound Credit By :