State Trooper McKenney Dashboard Camera (Memorial Day Weekend Traffic Stop)

Cell Phone Footage: Dashboard Camera and other information provided to me via my FOIA Request in regards to my Memorial Day Weekend Traffic Stop with Trooper McKenney. Link to article, below: Follow Virginia Cop Block on Facebook & Twitter! VirginiaCopBlock.Org

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State Trooper vs. Sheriff - Tempers Flare
Here’s a dash cam video of a Florida Highway Patrol Officer who pulls over a SUV with police lights running inside. Once he gets the individual over and starts talking with him the driver identifies himself as a Florida Sheriff and shows the proper credentials. It’s here that we can finally hear the two argue about who’s in the right. The FHP maintains that he’s got some suspicious reason to keep questioning the sheriff while the sheriff maintains that he was simply escorting a school bus returning from a baseball tournament. At any rate, one of these two sides is horribly wrong about what they’re doing and refuses to relent!

This driver caught speeding by an Ottawa, Ohio officer is not having such a good day and as seen in this police dashboard camera footage, he takes it all out on his rear view mirror! The driver continues to show his frustration as he throws trash out the window that blows away in the wind. (1995)

State Trooper Pulls Over Sheriff
A trooper pulls over the county sheriff after suspicion of driving under the influence.

Winter Haven Florida Policemen caught violating Civil Rights..
The Civil Servant in this video is very upset at the fact that we as United States Americans chose to exercise our Civil Rights..This video shows the candor of the Winter Haven Police Dept.Judge for your self as the Civil Servant flips me off after getting into his City Tax paid Police Car..