State Trooper McKenney Dashboard Camera (Memorial Day Weekend Traffic Stop)

Cell Phone Footage: Dashboard Camera and other information provided to me via my FOIA Request in regards to my Memorial Day Weekend Traffic Stop with Trooper McKenney. Link to article, below: Follow Virginia Cop Block on Facebook & Twitter! VirginiaCopBlock.Org

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Most CRAZY DRIVERS caught on Dash Cam 2017 Extreme Car Funny Fails Compilation
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FHP trooper fired after traffic stops involving lawmakers
A local lawmaker is talking about a controversial traffic stop that was captured on police dash camera.

Biker alleges Dallas Sheriff Deputy made up charge to seize video evidence (RAW)
On Memorial Day Weekend, motorcycle rider Chris Moore was arrested by Dallas Deputy Sheriff. The arrest was part of crackdown against sport bike riders. Moore says Westbrook made up a charge in order to gain access to the video camera mounted on his helmet.

Dashcam shows cops fighting - Bergen County Police vs NJ State Police on Turnpike, 2013
"State police have released a report detailing a heated confrontation between a trooper and members of the Bergen County Police Department earlier this year. The report claims the trooper, whose name was redacted, arrived on the New Jersey Turnpike in Leonia, where a plain clothes officer from the county force had stopped a minivan the afternoon of May 31. Because of a trio of recent robberies involving suspects who impersonated police, the trooper drew his handgun as he approached the officer." More info: eo_of_turnpike_confrontation_with_bergen_county_police.html