State Trooper McKenney Dashboard Camera (Memorial Day Weekend Traffic Stop)

Cell Phone Footage: Dashboard Camera and other information provided to me via my FOIA Request in regards to my Memorial Day Weekend Traffic Stop with Trooper McKenney. Link to article, below: Follow Virginia Cop Block on Facebook & Twitter! VirginiaCopBlock.Org

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2 women in bikinis given body cavity searches on the side of Highway - "Up my private parts?!" BRAZORIA COUNTY, TX -- Two women had the inside of their crotches searched on the side of the highway, thanks to the dutiful enforcement of tyrannical drug prohibition laws. Officers pulled the women over for speeding on their way home from the beach. Of course, traffic stops are just the excuse a good enforcer needs to begin fishing for reasons to throw people in cages. After finding a small amount of forbidden plants in the vehicle, officers weren't satisfied. They wanted more. The two women, dressed only in bikinis, were told they were going to get an internal body cavity search. "Are you serious," Brandy Hamilton asked the trooper. "If you hid something in there, we're going to find it," said the trooper. "You're going to go up my private parts?!" Hamilton said. "Yes ma'am." The women say that the same glove was used to violate all of their orifices. There are truly no limits to the amount of terror and tyranny that are created by the fascist Drug War that plagues the country. Brandy Hamilton and Alexandria Randle are suing the officers involved. SOURCE: ch-on-side-of-Highway-288-214094861.html

Alaska State Troopers Funny Arrest.m4v
Alaska State Troopers Funny Arrest.m4v

Colorado traffic stop turns ugly
Ryan Brown, a man who recorded his traffic stop in Colorado, speaks with CNN's Brooke Baldwin about the experience.

Traffic stop Part 4 - Yes I have ID. You haven't given me reason to show you.
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