Cars You Didn't Know Existed

Buy rare toy cars at Amazon Some Cars you have never seen before!! KEEP READING !!!!!! watch part 2 - all video and no pictures yes i know the Veyron is now called the grandsport but it didn't exist when i made the film. and before you comment on my ability to speak your language (English) please remember that i speak Danish - Swedish - Norweigan - French - German - English and a little Spanish - when you speak 7 languages you have to make some mistakes sometimes. so if i make a little mistake in my spelling please let me know how mature you are by calling me a sucker and my mom is a whore and you have fucked my sister etc. thank you. if you dont like the film comment on what i could have done better instead of calling me a bitch whore asshole etc.

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Cars you didn't know existed Part II
Buy rare toy cars at Amazon This is the second video of cars you didn't know existed. this time all video and no pictures. enjoy and comment. please subscribe

Cars you didn't know existed part 3
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Cars you didn't know existed part 4
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