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Mid Ohio Vintage Grand Prix Sportsracer

This was the Sunday Sportsracer race. SVRA put on another great event at Mid Ohio this year. This was a close race from 1st to 6th place.


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SVRA 2011 Watkins Glen All Datsun race start
Video from my Datsun 2000 during the start of the Datsun feature race at the Glenora Vintage Grand Prix Sept. 8-11, 2011. That's Tom Bork blasting past in turn 2 in his historic VIN #8 Datsun 240Z. Also good racing with Peter Bauer's beautiful blue/white/red Datsun 510. I couldn't catch Joe Maloy in his fast red ex-Shafer 2.5 TA 510. The double yellow came out and I was glad as my car was overheating and I needed to back off. Nice to see so many wonderful Datsuns on track. Thanks to the owners and SVRA.

SVRA @ Mid-Ohio best of racing video
http://www.svra.com/ We had a four person film crew at Mid-Ohio capturing the entire weekend on video. We came away with some great footage, and even better stories. We are in the process of putting it all together. This is just a sample of some of the fantastic images that were captured.

2011 NASA National Championship Race Class PTA, Mid Ohio
Highlights: 1:58 Jason loops it exiting the keyhole. 2:04 I get hit in the left rear and nearly T-bone Jason in the door. 3:55 Close call with the PTA C4 exiting the keyhole losing two positions in the process. 4:10 Pass for 3rd position. 4:40 Pass Mark entering Thunder Valley for 2nd position. 5:20 Massive slide through T1 as rain started to fall on that part of the track. 8:45 The leader and I somehow manage not to touch through the carousel. 9:45 Pass for the lead in China Beach. 12:30 Thanks Oli !! 20:25 My spotter Kevin Harvey lets me know my lead is rapidly shrinking as the track begins to dry. Gotta push harder! 23:20 Check mirrors. Holy crap they caught me in a hurry. Jason and Mark battle for 2nd as I'm able to gap them using traffic. 26:30 Nearly lost it in T1 as rain begins to intensify. 27:05 Jason is coming like a bat out of hell with Mark in tow (I could really use all 8 of those cylinders right about now). 28:10 Jason gets an unbelievable run through T1, passes 3 cars and latches on to my rear bumper. 28:38 I'm a sitting duck as we drag race down the long back straight. Somehow I manage to avoid the pass into China Beach. Gotta Go!!! 29:25 Use the Miata as a pick. 31:45 Jason closes the gap once again (with ease) and gets a huge run out of turn 1. It's pouring in the Keyhole now and the outside line is the only chance of finding any grip. Jason chooses the inside line and spins. 35:00 Checkered flag!!

Fastest Ariel Atom in the world, 650+ horsepowerbuilt by RSP. Realstreetperformance.com
turbocharged, Honda K20, 6 spd. stock block, stock cams, lowered compression 9.7/1 JE pistons, carillo rods, 20 psi. tuned on 93 octane pump gas. runs awesome. Build and Dyno by Jay@Realstreetperformance in Orlando Fl.

Mid-Ohio Vintage Grand Prix 2012
Powell Racing Vintage Corvette #44 qualifying race. Fast time for the weekend was 1:34.1 using the pro course.

Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) Sebring Endurance Classic 2011
SVRA Spring Endurance Classic held at Sebring International Raceway on March 3-6, 2011. Brought to you by Sports Car Illustrated. http://www.sportscarillustrated.com

Jonathan Scarallo: USF2000 Mid Ohio Practice laps
Jonathan Scarallo: USF2000 Mid Ohio Practice laps in the AcceleRace Motorsports with Visor Cam using Race Optics EVO HD camera from www.GroupAWheels.com

2012 SVRA Mid-Ohio Vintage Grand Prix : 1969 TVR Tuscan V6
Event: 2012 SVRA Mid Ohio Vintage Grand Prix Track: Mid-Ohio Car: 1969 TVR Tuscan Engine: 3.0L Ford Essex V6 Chasing a Porsche 911 RS, and 914-6 Class: SVRA Group 8AP

Old Racing Footage
Not sure where I got this video from but it has some cool vintage racing in it. Enjoy!

Sights and Sounds from the Vintage Gran Prix @ Mid-Ohio
Mid-Ohio Sports car course Vintage Grand Prix 2011, this is just a compilation of clips I gathered during my visit. Its just simply sights and sounds of the weekend. Hope you enjoy. If you would like to see some still shots I got please visit my flickr page @ www.flickr.com/photos/bagofbones

Marty Beaulieu 2014 Sebring Spring Vintage Classic friday practice #21 1967 Cougar
This is the Friday practice at the 2014 SVRA Sebring Spring Vintage Classic. The video is from the in-car camera mounted in the #21 1967 Cougar driven by Marty Beaulieu. The car and engine was built and race prepaired by Cobra Automotive. Go to cobraautomotive.com for more vintage cars and parts

mid ohio vintage cars 2013
Vintage Race at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

Mid-Ohio Vintage Grand Prix 2012
Powell Racing Vintage Corvette #44 practice session

06-30-2013 SVRA Enudro Mid Ohio

The PASS at Tower Turn! This one's for you, Bruce Sutherland!
The culmination of a great dice with Bruce Sutherland in Chip Halverson's Yard Racing Chevron B36. A little stumble through the long double apex left Turn 11 and I was able to draw alongside the OUTSIDE of the entry of Tower Turn! Kudos to Bruce, a big thanks to Ben Sinnott for allowing me to drive and to Dave Handy and the crew at SascoSports for great prep!

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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