BMW 335d driving (steptronic DS mode)

2009 BMW 335d miscellaneous driving. Transmission in sport (DS) mode, shifting automatically (vice manual shift w/paddles or shifter.)

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BMW 335d 0 bis 200 in beide Richtungen.wmv
Beschleunigung 0-200 ca. 21 Sekunden im Mittel. Echte 200 km/h bei Tacho 206 km/h laut GPS Speedtest

BMW 335d acceleration from 0-260 km/h
BMW 335d acceleration from 0-260 km/h: 0-100 km/h: 6 sec. 0-140 km/h: 11 sec. 0-200 km/h: 21 sec. 0-250 km/h: 44 sec.

5 Things that will BREAK on your BMW
Ignition coil Blower motor Resistor Thermostat Water pump Here are some of the most common problems with BMW's from 2006-2011. The repairs aren't too expensive as long as you can do them yourself. Hopefully this video will ease people's concerns about BMW reliability. They are really great cars as long as you take care of them! Music Credit: