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Mammoet moving Duke Power Generator thru Greenwood & Ware Shoals, SC From Japan

Mammoet moving huge Duke Power generator from Charleston to North Carolina....


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Zwaar Transport Mammoet
Het transport van de drie transformatoren voor het nieuwe 380 kV-station Westerlee is goed verlopen. Van vrijdag 10 juli tot en met zondag 12 juli vond dit bijzondere transport plaats vanaf Hoek van Holland door het Westland naar station Westerlee. Deze twee miljoen kostende operatie, uitgevoerd door Mammoet transport, verliep volgens planning onder grote publieke belangstelling. Naar schatting hebben meer dan tienduizend mensen een deel van het transport bekeken.

1157 US Tons. 384 tires, The most extremely heavy load ever transported in North America. 2,314,000 lbs. filmed with 3 16mm cameras on kodacrome, Film By Blackstone Edge Studios all sound added in Post,8 months to produce

LTM 11200 Mammoet

Mammoet New Generation Heavy lift Cranes
Hoofdsponsor Mammoet werkte de afgelopen jaren hard aan de New Generation Heavy lift Cranes. Martin van den Brink bezocht het werkterrein in Wesdorpe waar de nieuwe generatie PTC's werden gepresenteerd. Zwaar onder de indruk van dit kolossale project, welke gerekend worden onder de grootste kranen ter wereld, deed Martin hoop geven voor de toekomst.

Promo movie Mammoet
Promotion video from Mammoet. Leading specialist in heavy lifting and transport.

Mammoet Fort McMurray moves a complete EX5500 part 3

FTF Detroit Diesel Mammoet stp-trucks truck 12V-71
FTF Detroit Diesel 12V-71, Mammoet, tijdens toerrit 20-04-2008

HUGE!!! Mammoet heavy haul generator ,pics and video comp DONT MISS!!!!!!!!!
1.7 million punds generator moving trhu bryan college station from porth of houston to rissel . texas please dont miss this one!

The load leaves the SC 252 ramp and continues north on US 25 near Ware Shoals, SC, 20nov09

345CL Excavator Pulls Out 2 Deere Dozers From a Canal "Stuck?"
We were trying to finish grade the slopes along a new highway when the 650H slid down the slope into the canal and the 750J tried to pull him out, an also fell in. Good thing we had the 345CL there to rip them both out.

mammoet 2
Mammoet vervoerd op 12-7-2009 3 trafo's door Westland. Hier gaat de eerste over de noodbrug bij Rolpaal Honselersdijk.

Juggernaut...one more of the heavy hauling to Fort McMurray.
Here's a short clip of the rig as it prepares to negotiate a very tight right hand turn in Two Hills. All of the wheels on the Scheurle trailer units are steerable. This coker weighed in at 456,000 kg (trailers and trucks extra) Each of the trailer units has 160 wheels. (320 wheels on 20 axles in total) These coker ovens weigh more than 500 tons, 10 meters in diameter, 80 meters long, are are on their way from Edmonton to the oilsands plants at Fort McMurray. They have as many as 7 tractors pulling and pushing, the Scheurle trailer units have 160 wheels each. Travel speed is from 10-30 kmh. Manufactured by Cessco Inc. and also Dacro Industries Ltd. The biggest piece hauled so far was 1,700,000 pounds or about 850 tonnes. It was the heaviest road load ever transported in North America. So far, they've manufactured and moved at least 8 units like this. The move takes about a week for the 550km journey from Edmonton to Fort McMurray. More are being built as more of the oilsands are being exploited. Most of the big loads are moved in winter when the roads are frozen solid. The bridge over the North Saskatchewan River at Duvernay had to be reinforced. Two companies handle the hauling, Mammoet Transportation Inc. and Premay Equipment Ltd. in Edmonton After the vessels are assembled, they are put into a gigantic heat-treating oven where they are baked to take out stresses. Check out the high-res. photos on my pbase gallery http://www.pbase.com/darby2/oil_patch Another load is being rigged for moving this weekend, Jan 27, 08. Sunday Periods of snow. Amount 5 to 10 cm(2.0 to 3.9 in). Wind becoming north 30 km/h (19 mph) late in the morning. Temperature falling to -22C(-8F) in the evening. Wind chill -34C. Monday A mix of sun and cloud with 30 percent chance of flurries. Low -28C(-18F). High -25C(-13F). Tuesday A mix of sun and cloud with 30 percent chance of flurries. Low -32C(-26F). High -26C(-15F). Normals for the period low -18C(0F). High -6C(21F). Sunday, Jan 27, 08 8:00 AM: The load is rigged and ready to move out but blizzard conditions along the haul route have postponed the move until the weather clears, ~Dave Here's a link to Sam Berliner III heavy hauling pages showint the 880 ton Schnable railcar: CBEX 800 http://home.att.net/~Berliner-Ultrasonics/rrschnb0.html#880tschn

Mega Mammoet Machines pulling Over dimensional Load: HWY 63, YMM
Mega move through Fort McMurray's Hwy 63. This processing tower is making it's way to one of the oilsands sites. This is one of the largest move performed by Mammoet Canada, 62.15m high, 5.2m dia and almost 400 tonnes! 320 wheels climbing the Hwy's larges incline known as "SuperTest". Awsome site..even in -25 temp. (ref. Fort McMurray Today, Feb27)

Mammoet presentatie

Duke generator as it moves down ramp from SC 252 to US 25 near Ware Shoals, SC, 20nov09

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