1979 Toyota Corolla with 13B

1979 Toyota Corolla with 13B rotary big street port

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Matt's 76 Toyota KE30 Corolla Getting a 13B Rotary.

Badass 1979 Toyota Corolla with Mazda 13B Rotary Turbocharged Engine 485hp
Japanese classic cars are pretty rare, since the industry only really got off the ground in the 50s. However, there are a few old Toyotas and Mazdas that enjoy a cult following, like the 2000GT that James Bond drove or the Cosmo, the first rotary sportscar. This next eBay find has a little bit of both! Finished in a lovely shade of brown and kept in immaculate condition, the 1979 Toyota Corolla was pretty special already. However, it has also been made the subject of an engine swap of the best kind. Not only did it receive a rotary engine from a Mazda 13B, but that has also been turbocharged using a Garrett GT45 system. This 3rd generation Corolla is known as the TE31 sedan. At the time, it was designed as an economy car and came to the US market with a 1.6-liter or 1.2-liter, so it was as embarrassingly slow as a Mitsubishi Mirage. With 485 horsepower, this brown Toyota could very well be the definition of the word "sleeper". Do you like it? It could be yours, since a guy from Cohutta, Georgia is selling it on eBay right now. The mods he lists are too many to count, but they include 3-inch Exhaust pipes, front and rear disk brakes, adjustable shocks a Magnaflow muffler and Ford axles.  The engine itself has been tuned at Juny Performance, who are renowned for their RX-3 and RX-7 mods. With less than a day to bid, the amazing Toyo-Mazda is sitting at $10,100 after 32 bids. Considering the seller says he has invested over $30k, that would make it a bargain.

custom 1979 toyota corolla k30 s2000 swap
1979 toyota corolla s2000 swap,very clean job not a lot of people. Do it them self and Jorge out did him self like allwayz this car was featured before using a motor out of and ae86 now using this k24 s2000 6 speed its a monster

13b bridgeport ke70 dx corolla idling
13b bridgeport dx corolla ke70 idle one of the last vids before i sold it